Friday, November 07, 2003

For once, good mail gets sent to me

No Ruddy Ruddy content here. Sorry.

Finally, at long last, my "Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots" poster has arrived. I've been meaning to pick one of these things up for a long while now, not only because I'm a Bob the Angry Flower fan from way back, but particularly because I work as an editor and confront apostrophe-related problems every day. In fact, I can probably write this off.

I actually ordered this weeks and weeks and weeks ago, and it's taken so long to arrive that I thought that the cartoonist, Steven Notley had forgotten about it completely. Fortunately, Canada Post has finally seen fit to deliver it. But ironically, according to Notley's site, he's on his way east from Edmonton to Toronto this very weekend to attend the Toronto Comicon so he might as well saved himself the postage and hand-delivered it to my house.

Actually, I have no real proof that he didn't do this. He might have just forged the postage to make it look like Canada Post took their sweet time; he's an artist and all, so he might be able to pull off a convincing facsimile at a fraction of the price it costs to send a mailing tube across the country. Who can blame him? Cartoonists, as a group, aren't rich.


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