Thursday, February 12, 2004

Die, Rock Star, Die!

I've liked Blender ever since it started (and I've got every copy), but I'm particularly looking forward to the next issue of the music magazine. According to an Associated Press story, the next issue includes an article that enlists gerontologist Dr. David Demko to predict the death dates of musicians, based on their lifestyles. (Courtney Love, unfortunately, will be with us until 2026.)

You hear a lot of jokes about how Keith Richards is undead, but according to Dr. Demko, good ol' Keef really is living on borrowed time; medical science says that he should have died in 1995.

What surprises me is that Mick Jagger is still alive. Oh, he's clean-living, but if Mick can provoke gentleman drummer Charlie Watts into punching him out, then Keith ought to have smashed his famous skull-faced ring right through Sir Mick's cranium by now.


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