Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Japan is the greatest country on earth

For a while, I've been asking for a powered exoskeleton that will do all the walking for me while I just sit, relax, and let my legs atrophy. Dutifully, the Japanese have developed just such a device. Between this and the fact that they've made it possible to buy underwear from a vending machine, Japan is the greatest country on earth. The exoskeleton is designed for the elderly and the "gait disorder person." It's also named HAL, apparently by designers completely oblivious of the evil computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey that represents the best example in pop culture of a machine turning against its masters.

Or is it a warning? Might these things run away with their geriatric masters? Could several exoskeletons unite to form a single giant robot? And if that doesn't seem like an omnipotent enough being, could scientists combine the exoskeleton with this technology and build their own Jesus?

Better yet, if Japan's going to use their technology to make our short-lived TV shows a reality, is there some way we could get them to work on actually getting Andy Richter to control the universe?


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