Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Bush in 30 Seconds

There's a nice little Salon article about the "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest sponsored by, in which people were encouraged to submit creative political ads aimed at getting that George W. Bush thrown out of office in November. The fact that a couple of submissions compared Bush to Hitler, creating a controversy among Republicans and Jewish groups shouldn't overshadow the fact that the entrants turned out some pretty good ads that cut right to the bone.

Is Bush Hitler? Of course not. As actor David Clennon pointed out in the process of stirring up his own controversy, "George Bush, for one thing, is not as smart as Adolf Hitler." One recent estimate of Bush's IQ -- a lowly 91 -- tends to support this theory. (Interestingly, Clinton's IQ was estimated at 182, which is exactly double Bush's score.) A more charitable ranking estimates Bush's IQ at 125, which is above average, but still lower than Hitler's purported 141. So, we can probably conclude that Clennon is right: Bush is no Hitler.

Anyway, the 15 "Bush in 30 Seconds" finalists are now online. Some are better than others, but they're all pretty good. The distressed reactions of the parents in this one was amusing, and the bit with the curtains in this one made me laugh out loud. It's just so gleefully malicious.


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