Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"Ward, I think you were a little rough on the mole people."

According to The Straight Dope, there really are "mole people" living beneath New York City. Turns out there's been a couple of documentaries made about them: In Search of the Mole People and Dark Days, which was directed by one Marc Singer. It turns out that this isn't the same Marc Singer from The Beastmaster and V, which is too bad, because it would have been awesome if he'd continued his battles with the forces of darkness in real-life, documentary form.

But on the other hand, the 1956 science fiction film The Mole People starred none other than Beaver Cleaver's TV dad, Hugh Beaumont! It's actually kind of fitting that a guy who battled the mole people should be a successful authority figure for a boy named Beaver. He's like some kind of specialist in human/rodent humanoid relations.


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