Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I love the sound of breaking glass

When I was about to get on the subway on my way home from work, I accidentally kicked a discarded bottle. It rolled along the crack between the decelerating train and the platform and then burst into shards as the doors opened, creating a loud shattering ruckus. (It was actually kind of cool.) Everyone in the train eyed me as I got in, some in shock, some in suspicion. I just shrugged their stares off, and before long, fell into the usual train of thought about how many subway riders are careless, selfish jerks who stand in the doorways and block other careless, selfless jerks from getting on and off, and about how if I applied a firm thrusting kick at just the right time, I could probably knock a certain deserving pre-teen right off the train at the next stop just before the doors closed again.

But I got to wondering: How did a bottle get on the platform's edge, anyway? Did someone put it there? Or did it just roll out of another train? I'm actually lucky I didn't slip on it and fall off the platform under the train.

Moral: Littering is murder.


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