Monday, March 14, 2005

The George Foreman USB iGrill

I was fact-checking the name of the George Foreman Grill today ("George Foreman Grill" or just "Foreman Grill"?) and this Google hit made me do a double take: The George Foreman USB iGrill. It's a griddle that hooks up to your computer.

Included in the write-up is this selling point:
Running late at work? Need to get dinner on the table? It is easy to warm up the
iGrill from any internet connection. With a little advance planning, your meal
can be ready when you get home!
Sounds great! But hold on a second -- wouldn't that require leaving your meat in the grill all day, just sitting out on the counter at room temperature? Maybe not such a great idea.

Then I noticed the URL: Not only have I been tricked again by what a little research shows to be a two-year-old joke, but geeks everywhere aren't giving themselves salmonella poisoning after all. A doubly sad day.


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