Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm a drunk dude

I'm a bit of a drunk dude right now. I know posting has been a bit light as of late, but I've been on a nine-day weekend lately. Where blogs are concerned, there are basically two things that can happen when you're on vacation. Either you're so busy doing things like travelling and whatnot that you don't have time to post, or you're sitting around in your underwear the whole time and not leaving the house, and not having any new experiences, and thus not having anything to post about. Unless you want to hear about how awesome the newly released NHL 06 is, of course.*

All that said, here's my chance to pass you off to some people who may have things to say. Follow the hyperlinks. In lieu of content, link-o-rama! Good old Jay Pinkerton was back in town tonight, and it was good to see him. He brought his nice little girlfriend Karla with him, and it was lovely to finally meet her. Also in attendance were Matt and Sofi. And then there were a few old friends with lives, not blogs.

Now, I think the roof of my mouth is bleeding for some reason, so I'm going to see to that, and then off to bed.

* It's not totally awesome, actually. There have been a few times where the interface has been so unintuitively put together as to make me literally shake my head with disapproval.


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