Thursday, August 11, 2005

Freeform bonus post! (Sorry, no rockabillies at this time)

Try this response the next time someone mentions Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes:

"Oh, are they together?"

Say it as guilelessly as possible. You should be able to make someone's head pop clean off.

This has nothing to do with that, but somebody told me tonight that I ought to have my own HBO special. However untrue (as I probably shouldn't), that's the best compliment I've gotten since one of my teachers once told me that I'd make a really good father. That one was apropos of nothing, and I've always kind of wondered if she meant to her kids, with whom I'd gone to school. I should have gone for it; she was a good-looking older woman.

Anyhow, look: I will be back tomorrow (or later today, technically), and there will be rockabillies mentioned at that time. Until then, if you are not reading Bad News Hughes, you have a serious problem and don't even know it. You are denying yourself the chance to sit and be enthralled by possibly the single greatest storyteller walking the earth today. Be good to yourself. You deserve it. There is a particularly fine story up right now (this sentence is always true, happily). Go read it now.


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