Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I should have kept my mouth shut

There I go shooting my mouth off about how Mississauga Transit tried to screw me by changing my bus route, only to inadvertently make my commute faster. ("Fuck you Jack! I'm bulletproof!" I might have said. I don't remember.) Well, I should have kept my mouth shut. One of the other things that improved with my new route was that my transfer point between buses had a bus shelter, which I didn't have at my original stop, where I got seriously drenched more than once. "Dig this!" I crowed. "Shelter from the elements! Awesome! I look forward to using this many times in the future!"

So today, when I arrived, the shelter was gone! Sometime during the previous 24 hours, Mississauga Transit just up and took it away, all the while probably shouting, "Screw you, Lynn! You think you've gotten the best of us? We'll get you yet!"

On the bright side, it might be possible that I've got readers in the transit community. (And why not? I'm continually harping on about the subject.) Hi guys! You drive like assholes!


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