Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ruddy Ruddy #8

Good news: just when I was wondering when Ruddy Ruddy would get more mail, along comes a package from the Medallion Milk Co. Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I can't resist opening these things now. Inside: a 50-gram sample baggie of skim milk powder. (Should be fun to wave around customs officers.) Also, a sample of NotMilk non-dairy milk substitute. It's kind of ironic, since I ran out of milk this morning and just before getting home to find this mail, had stopped off at the store to buy a carton.

Also, judging by the mailing label, I'm apparently the owner of an e-mail address: ruddy_ruddy@hotmail.com. I've since forgotten the address, but apparently I must have set it up in order to get all this free stuff. That's a little more proactive than I'd assumed; I thought I must have just given the fake name to some telemarketer to get rid of them.


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