Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Three cheers for the Feenstras!

I was pretty impressed when I read a while ago about how scientists had developed a form of electronic paper that could dynamically display text. After all, combining that technology with the ability we now have to store incredible amounts of data at ridiculously small levels on smaller and smaller hardware could lead to storing everything ever written in one convenient, easy to carry book. Well anyway, I was even more impressed when I read this article about how that very same electronic paper could now store high quality video. The best part about it all is that one of the two scientists who developed this new prototype is a Feenstra! This is great news for two reasons.

1) It's nice to see that my fellow Feenstras are doing some pretty damned impressive things.
2) Now when you do a Google search for "Feenstra" and "video" you'll get more than just those porn flicks I filmed back in high school.

Three cheers for the Feenstras!


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