Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Bush invigorates America's youth

Dave Letterman has amassed a number of great clips showing George W. Bush in a less-than-flattering light (my favorite thus far has been the clip of him looking to make sure he's not being watched, and then spitting in disgusting fashion. While I'm on the subject, check out this apologist for Bush's practice of the "manly art" of spitting).

While the main attraction last night was Janet Jackson, the presidental clip was absolute gold, showing Bush delivering a speech with a fat kid standing behind him yawning, then stretching, checking his watch, shifting his footing, cracking his neck with both hands, executing a few deep bends at the waist to stay awake, and finally falling asleep on his feet before being jerked awake by applause and joining in. Never in my life have I seen anyone so bored and restless.

Update: According to Jam! Showbiz, CNN first incorrectly reported that the White House denied the veracity of the clip, then later retracted this and affirmed that it was real after all. Letterman heard the first report but not the second, which didn't air until he was taping his show, and ended up going on a rant about how the White House was trying to make him look like a dope. Then he was eventually passed an update about the retraction and complained, "Now I've called the White House liars, and you know what that means -- they're going to start looking into my taxes!"

Oh, and apparently the kid can be seen in C-SPAN's footage of the speech.

Further Update: Here's a Realplayer clip of the actual clip. And another one of what went on the next night.


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