Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Toes on the nose, bros!

There are a couple of annoying things about the current Old Navy commercial. First, there's the surfer dude who yells, "Toes on the nose, bros!" He sounds like an utter moron, but every time he yells it, it crawls inside my brain and won't come out. Unless it's through my mouth, that is, as I'm somehow compelled to parrot this asinine catchphrase in my worst Southern Californian accent. Also, if you keep watching after he says it, he and the other people riding on his board kind of bop around in this synchronized idiot surfing dance.

The other thing is the announcer who says, "With prices on the down low, Old Navy's got the most from coast to coast." Now I don't claim to be "with it" when it comes to the latest "hip" slang -- I don't need to claim this, since it's widely known that I am -- but I happen to know that "down low" doesn't mean "low", as Old Navy seems to think it does. It means "secret". So Old Navy is actually saying that their prices are secret, which clearly isn't true, since their website helpfully lists reasonable prices for a wide variety of stock.


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