Sunday, March 14, 2004

The common touch

While I was sitting near the door in the Brass Taps Pizza Pub on the Danforth last night waiting for Jay, I'm pretty sure that national NDP leader Jack Layton entered and walked past me. Seeing the flicker of recognition in my eyes, he had a little flicker of being recognized in his own eyes but played it cool. The woman with him was totally beaming at me with an I'm-with-the-only-politician-who-actually-looks-good-with-a-mustache look on her face.

I now know I'll be voting NDP in the next federal election. I was already predisposed against Prime Minister Paul Martin because his face features those irritating Nathan Lane eyebrows and a contast look of discomfort/constipation, and he shares a name with a jackass former boss of mine. But now I'm voting for Layton because because there's just no way that Paul Martin drinks in the same bars I do.


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