Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Invasion: Degrassi

From good old Tyler comes this link to a very special exploit of the cat-burglar cats at Infiltration.org -- the exposure of the most secret nooks and crannies of Degrassi High (aka Centennial College's Centre for Creative Communications in the borough of East York, Ontario) -- that I appreciate on about four levels:

1. It's Degrassi freakin' High!

2. Infiltration is cool!

3. I used to go to school in this building!

4. I still live around the corner and, knowing full well how lax the security is, could go check all this stuff out myself! It'd be just like when Joey, Snake, Lucy, and the twins sneaked into the school to watch The Savages shoot their new video!

But what if I do run into the security guards (or, god forbid, Mr. Raditch), should I choose to snoop around for myself? That's where this link comes in. It details how to make a stun gun out of a disposable camera. Say cheese, rent-a-cop!

From Degrassi to MacGyver ... I always thought real life should be just like my favorite 1980s TV shows, and now it is.


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