Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dig the Big Dog's blog!

About the most shocking discovery I've made in the last day or so -- excepting, of course, that Spongebob Squarepants's boss is voiced by the same guy who played the evil Kurgan in Highlander -- is that Bill Cinton has a blog.

Or does he? No offense to the host of my own blog, but would someone of the former president's stature use a free public service such as Blogger? And for that matter, why would he have a Yahoo e-mail address? It's listed as "billclintondiary at"; the "at" instead of an "@" is no doubt to dissuade spammers. But shouldn't Bill Clinton be able to afford a private e-mail service and maybe an IT guy to screen out the penis enchancement spam? I think it'd be funnier if his e-mail address was "", as though he couldn't even get his first choice while signing up (to a much crappier e-mail service, at that), and had to add a number to the end.

My point: If you believe this is really Clinton's blog, then you'll believe the question I asked a couple of sentences back was the first instance of anyone ever writing a sentence featuring the words "Bill Clinton" and "penis".

And yet, almost everyone leaving comments on the site seems to be buying into the fiction without question, despite posts such as the one where Bill's assistant gets into a catfight with Hillary because the latter is forcefeeding him mashed potatoes after his surgery.

I haven't seen more gullible American voters since ... well, since just Nov. 2 when 51% of the electorate let themselves be duped into returning Bush to office, actually.


Blogger SadPunk said...

Here's a fairly entertaining article about it:

11/23/2004 02:29:00 PM  

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