Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Seems wrong, somehow

Check out the unfortunate juxtaposition of headline and photo at the top of page 3 of today's issue of Metro, Toronto's foremost free transit newspaper. (May or may not require registration; in any case, it's free.)

I'll describe it if you're not the type to click links, though this one is really worth seeing for yourself. It's a headline from a story about disgraced newspaper magnate Conrad Black that reads BLACK CHARGED WITH FRAUD. And it's right next to an unrelated photo of a beleaguered-looking Colin Powell, the just-resigned African-American Secretary of State.

Let me repeat that. It's a headline that reads BLACK CHARGED WITH FRAUD ... right next to a picture of Colin Powell, arguably the USA's most prominent black politician.

That's kind of like if the Black Business Journal had run a story about computer outlaw Kevin Mitnick titled CRACKER JAILED next to a picture of Vanilla Ice from an unrelated entertainment story.


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