Friday, February 25, 2005

Endless Summary: Vol. 10 – Smile

One-sentence capsule summaries of Beach Boys songs, album by album.
  1. "Our Prayer/Gee": The group begins the album with a wordless a cappella invocation, plus a snatch of doo wop.
  2. "Heroes And Villains": Brian relates his various experiences as a cowboy.
  3. "Roll Plymouth Rock": Brian discusses the expansion of white people into the New World at the expense of Native Americans.
  4. "Barnyard": Brian plays in a pig pen while the band makes animal noises.
  5. "Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine": You were Brian's sunshine, his only sunshine, and you made him happy when skies were grey.
  6. "Cabin Essence": A crow repeatedly flies over a cornfield as Chinese labourers build the railway, says Brian.
  7. "Wonderful": Brian obliquely alludes to a girl losing her virginity.
  8. "Song For Children": Where is the wonderful me and the wonderful you, wonders Brian.
  9. "Child Is The Father Of The Man": The child, says Brian, is the father of the man.
  10. "Surf's Up": An audience sits in a theatre while some ruins fall down amid a tidal wave, according to Brian.
  11. "I’m In Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around / Workshop": Brian jumps out of bed, eats some eggs and grits, and then bangs away with a hammer and saws some wood for the rest of the song.
  12. "Vega-Tables": Brian enjoys eating vegetables.
  13. "On A Holiday": Brian sails on a pirate ship.
  14. "Wind Chimes": Brian has some wind chimes outside his window that he likes to listen to.
  15. "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow": This short instrumental caused Brian to believe it magically responsible for a sudden rash of nearby fires during its original recording, but earned him his only Grammy in 2005.
  16. "In Blue Hawaii": Brian would like to drink some water, preferably in Hawaii.
  17. "Good Vibrations": Brian digs a girl.


Blogger Ian said...

These Beach Boy summaries take on a whole new level of meaning when you translate them through To wit:

"Old Gangsta Nigga / You Are My Sunshine" fo' real: You were Brian's sunshine, his only sunshine, n you made him stoked wizzle skies were grey."

Gets you right here in the gizzleflibijabba, doesn't it?

2/27/2005 06:16:00 PM  
Blogger Peter Lynn said...

It somehow seems wrong to do such a thing to what is perhaps the whitest music ever recorded.

2/27/2005 08:42:00 PM  

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