Monday, April 11, 2005

"Gina" is short for "Vagina"

My housemate Toula's shrewish sister Gina came over yesterday looking for my other housemate, Shanel. "Is the other tenant here? The native girl? I wanted to ask her a question," she asked.

Shanel's been living with us for three years. Given that Gina just lives down the street and comes over constantly to nag Toula about anything and everything, you'd think the shrill harpy might have had the opportunity to learn her name by now. Shanel certainly knows Gina's name: It's "That Cunt Gina".

It's best that Shanel wasn't home, though, as I'm sure Gina's question would have been well-meaning but obliviously patronizing and offensive. Some possibilities of what she might have meant to ask:

  • "Do you get holidays off work when you need to worship your Great Spirit?"
  • "I wanted to go camping and get back to basics. Will you show me how to set up a tepee? Also, do you have any good recipes for pemmican?"
  • "I heard this saying -- 'Walk a mile in someone else's moccasins' -- and I just thought it was so wise. Which of your chiefs came up with that one? Was it Hiawatha or Tonto?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew someone named Gina when I was in highschool. She would direct plays and things like that. Anyway, at a year-end banquet where she was the star, I came up with the brilliant idea of adding a 'VA' in front of her name on the big board welcoming everyone to the gathering. This post brought that to mind, just thought I'd share.

4/16/2005 03:28:00 AM  

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