Saturday, November 26, 2005

I am Bob Rooney

I found this in the Wikipedia entry for Bob Rooney, a minor character from Married with Children:
He has many problems with his name, because it is often pronunced 'Bobrooney'. Bob's name is even spelled "Bobrooney" on his bowling shirt, supposedly because the clerk at the shop who provided the actors' costumes had misheard it as one word over the telephone!

The producer, Tim Weiskopff, had a theory that "in every neighborhood in the midwest of the U.S. there is one guy all the people in the neighborhood refer to with both his names" (e.g. "Charlie Brown").
I think Kim Weiskopf (the producer's actual name, despite what Wikipedia tells us) may have been on to something interesting. Although I don't live in the midwestern US, as I've mentioned, a lot of people also tend to call me by my first and last name as though they were a single word. I don't mind. The way I see it, it seems like good branding.


Blogger Steve Ely said...

I can relate. I've had several people persistently take that route with me. Being less pithy than you, I hadn't applied the phrase "good branding" to it, but your reaction has been my own.

11/26/2005 06:46:00 PM  

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