Saturday, September 06, 2003

Back to school ... now die!

CITY-TV seems to be having something of a back-to-school film festival of teacher/vigilante exploitation flicks. A couple of days ago, they showed The Substitute. Tonight, it's 187. I'm guessing that Class of 1984 can't be far behind. That one's got a gory fight in a shop class in which one of the young punks gets his arm chopped off with a rotary table saw then bounces right back up to keep fighting before being slammed down right on his back on the spinning blade. That terrified me so much when I first saw it twenty years ago that it still gives me the heebie-jeebies today.

This might actually be a smart, community-minded move by the program director. After being thoroughly inundated with a whole bunch of these movies where all the young punks get their bloody comeuppance, students going back to school this fall might think twice before sassing their teachers. I know there's no way I'd throw paper airplanes at the front of the classroom if I thought there was even a slight chance that a scowling, grim-faced Tom Berenger might burst through the door and start hurling ninja stars and knives back at me.


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