Tuesday, September 09, 2003

September Gurls

A short message today because my mortal enemies Mississauga Transit screwed me today. Why must their buses come at completely random times? Why do they lie? Because they're jerks.

Anyway, I'm always happy when I go into a store and they're playing a song I like. I invariably wet my pants with glee when the song is one that I never dreamed I'd hear outside my bedroom, as was the case today when I walked into the Gap only to hear "September Gurls." Sure, it was merely The Bangles' version, but that was actually a good thing, for three reasons. First, The Bangles actually did a good version. Second, I'd already listened to at least four or five different versions by Big Star today at work. Last, I actually did hear the original Big Star version on the radio once when I was in a store, and I almost died of shock, so I don't want to run that risk again.

Of course, if there's one month to hear that song in public, it's this one, since radio programmers (and whoever picks the music for the Gap) can't resist the urge to get cute (and neither can I; that's why I was listening to Big Star in the first place today). But if we're going to air songs according to calendrical appropriateness, I'd like to suggest the following:

· "January Rain" by Hunters & Collectors
· "February" by Jesus Jones
· "Marching On" by The Alarm
· "April 8th" by Neutral Milk Hotel
· "Mayfly" by Belle & Sebastian
· "Junebug" by Sparklehorse
· "4th of July" by Soundgarden
· "August" by Love
· "September Gurls" by Big Star
· "October" by U2
· "November Spawned a Monster" by Morrissey
· "December" by Teenage Fanclub

(You might think "April 8th" is only good for one day, and not a full month, but you're wrong. It's my birthday, so I tend to really milk it.)


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