Tuesday, October 21, 2003

He snacked on danger and he dined on death

Since Scott brings it up, professional wrestler Mike Hegstrand -- better known as Road Warrior Hawk -- died Sunday morning at age 46. The apparent cause of death: falling off the Titantron.

The old "despondent Hawk attempts suicide" angle was a truly awful moment in the history of professional wrestling (and it's pretty ironic that Puke, the guy who was trying to replace Hawk in the Legion of Doom, is the one who actually ended up getting paralyzed due to a fall). But it sure was entertaining to listen to Hawk's "drunken" guest commentary.

Hawk (boozily): Hey J.R., remember when me and your wife used to wrestle in the Mid-South Coliseum?

Jim Ross (testily): My wife's not a professional wrestler!

Hawk (confusedly): She isn't?

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, somebody named Mother Teresa died a while ago and they're trying to make her a saint. This guy sure has some bad things to say about her. (This kind of thing is his stock-in-trade; He did a hell of a hatchet job on Bob Hope a couple of months ago too, slamming him for being "paralyzingly, painfully, hopelessly unfunny.")


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