Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Maybe I can clear things up

Here's a little chunk of text from an old pwtorch post:

Hawk came to ringside and joined Ross and Lawler in some "color dissentary (sic)." Hawk slurred and mispronounced his words as if he were drunk. He asked Ross, "Does your wife still have the belt?" Ross said, "My wife doesn't wrestle." Hawk turned to Lawler and said, "Hey, Jerry, remember 1986 or so at the Mid-South Coliseum you told me don't sell the piledriver and I didn't and it was great?" When the announcers ignored Hawk, he asked if they were giving him the cold shoulder and if they were being disrespectful. Hawk asked Ross to "talk to Vince about that raise."

Good old Hawk.


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