Saturday, December 06, 2003

But who I really wanted to vote for were Slik Toxik

Because Sofi is "the bee's knees", I like to help her out any way I can. So, I thought I'd use my limited bully pulpit to repeat a request she posted in the comments for an earlier post. Says Sofi:

"Everyone should go here: and sign up to take the poll and overthrow the legions of 14-year-old girls who will vote Avril and Raine and Nickelback the best of the year. Again."

To make it even easier for you, here's a more precise link. Now, go! Help Sofi out with this. She's got a good point, and she's a good girl, and she does nice things for you all the time. Don't be an ingrate.

One quibble with the poll, though: Mitsou is, and forever will be, the Sexiest Canadian Woman ever to be involved in the music recording industry, so she really should have been listed as a choice in that category. I mean, mon dieu, ce qui un travesty de la justice!


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