Saturday, June 05, 2004

My Conversation with Castaly

Here's a little something I saved from some time ago (c.1996) that I thought was pretty funny. It's a conversation I had in a chat room with some fellow by the name of Castaly. It was a day that would change my life forever.

Castaly: What are you doing?
Testmeat: What's that?
Castaly: What are you talking about?
Testmeat: I'm talking about all sorts of things.
Castaly: I want to join, okay?
Testmeat: Join my conversation?
Castaly: Yes!!!
Testmeat: Please feel free.
Castaly: Thank you!
Castaly: You are very interesting.
Testmeat: Why, thank you!
Castaly: Where you came from?
Testmeat: Originally?
Castaly: Of course.
Testmeat: I bas born in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. And where did YOU come from Castaly?
Castaly: China.
Testmeat: Really? That's quite far from where I am.
Castaly: Yes, but I have some folk in Canada.
Testmeat: Are you in China now?
Castaly: I am in China now.
Testmeat: Fascinating. I've never been to China but I once shoved an entire slice of pizza into my mouth all at once.
Castaly: Pizza not a Chinese food.
Testmeat: No. No it's not. But isn't it an interesting story?
Castaly: Yes. English is my second language. My mother tongue is Chinese.
Testmeat: Well you're certainly more comfortable with English than I am with Chinese.
Castaly: You are very happy now.
Testmeat: Uh, yes. I am somewhat happy, thank you.
Castaly: May I enjoy it?
Testmeat: Ummmm... Okay.
Castaly: Tell me soon!
Testmeat: What would you like me to tell you again?
Castaly: Now I'm very happy too!
Testmeat: Excellent. We sure are happy, right?
Castaly: "Test meat". Hummm... Do you like eat?
Castaly: There are all kinds of food in China.
Testmeat: If I was in China I'd put all of the food in my mouth.
Castaly: How large of you stomach!

And that was the last I ever heard from Castaly. I wonder what he's up to today?


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