Monday, April 18, 2005

Is this all that I came for?

I just found out another one of my favorite bands -- The Delgados -- just broke up. I got a chance to see them play live last fall, and they were terrific.

"I'll definitely come see these guys again," I thought.

"No you won't," thought the Delgados.

They broke up because the bassist quit. Who does that?! Okay, maybe the Beatles did, but it's not like this guy was Paul McCartney. Bassists are replaceable. Bassists are cheap and plentiful. You've may even have one sitting in some forgotten box under the sink right now.

First Beulah breaks up only months after I see them. Now the Delgados. I'm the kiss of death.

Oh yeah, and I stumbled upon a nude picture of Tony Danza online last night and I was so shaken that I was unable to sleep. Everything's going wrong for me.


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