Friday, December 23, 2005

Buying Greek music is mostly easy

Despite my fears, it turns out that buying Greek music is much easier than listening to it. Getting a CD for my brother-in-law-to-be was a surprisingly simple process. Mostly.

I went to The Greek Music Superstore, a small shop mere steps from Chester station. No other customers were around, and the store's sole salesman immediately asked if I needed help. I explained the situation.

"I recommend this CD," he said, indicating one I had already been looking at. "It is our number one selling CD. It is a compilation, so if he does not like one artist, there are others. It contains a mix of the traditional instruments such as the bouzouki, with the modern beats. It has nine top-ten singles, and it is nominated for album of the year. It is only $14.99."

"Perfct. I'll take it," I said. "You know, I had no idea about this stuff. I was saying that for me to trying to find something would be like going to the library and saying, 'Give me a book.'"

The salesman paused to consider this. "Is it a Greek book you are looking for?" he asked.

"No, I meant ..." I began. "No thank you," I finally finished.


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