Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I have two fans

I got home the other night and noticed my computer was claiming it was 10:38 a.m. Moving the mouse around, I quickly deduced that it was frozen. I moved my hand around back. It was burning up. Sure enough, the power supply's fan, which had been roaring like a B-52 bomber as of late, had all but conked out; it was revolving at about 1 RPM. I blew into it to try to dislodge some of the dust clogging it up. It stopped working entirely. I shut down the computer.

Knowing that I'd never be able to get down to the computer stores on College St. before they closed on a weeknight, I called my friend Tyler, who lives nearby, and asked him to pick one up for me on the way home the next night. He did, and met him a short time later to pay him back the purchase price in beer and fajitas. When I got home, I was too stuffed to install the new power supply, so I just went to bed.

When I got home tonight, I switched on the computer, figuring I could at least check my e-mail before melting the CPU. Now the fan is working perfectly. The computer purrs as quietly as a kitten, and it's cool as a corpse.

Now I've got an extra power supply that I don't really need. I'm prepared for when this one eventually does conk out, I suppose, but I know I'm just going to misplace it or eventually mistake it for a broken part and throw it out.

So basically I'm complaining because my computer is working perfectly. I guess this makes me one of those glass-half-empty guys.

Edit: The computer locked up when I posted this and the following message. Have I spoken too soon?


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