Monday, February 27, 2006

The Great Outdoor Fight

The comic Achewood is always great, but to quote Lyle, the current story arc about the Great Outdoor Fight has got me so pumped I could play a trumpet with my cock. If you're not up to speed, start the story here and watch man destroy man at the Great Outdoor Fight.

Also: While I'm passing on links, this entry at The Rhetorical Letter Writer made me laugh myself sick.

Also also: The same evening I write that I'm "so pumped I could play a trumpet with my cock", my little sister mentions over MSN that she's just spent the last two hours reading my blog. Remember, it was only a quote! And, uh, all that other stuff I've mentioned in the last few months that I wouldn't want Mom reading about was also actually done by someone else. Crap. Having your sibling discover your blog is like having your sibling discover the porno movies you were in. Although I did learn something about her that I didn't know:
9000 channels and nothing on.... says:
Congratulations, by the way, on creating Batman [Note: she's referring to this.]
Ruddy Ruddy says:
Thank you!
Ruddy Ruddy says:
I was proud of that.
9000 channels and nothing on.... says:
You beat the kite guy [Note: she's referring to this guy.]
Ruddy Ruddy says:
Thank god.
Ruddy Ruddy says:
I hate that kite guy.
9000 channels and nothing on.... says:
I hate the famous transvestite with my exact name....that whore
Ha! I'm guessing she means this one. I've certainly seen better. [Work-safe. honestly. It's only Wikipedia.]


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