Thursday, September 11, 2003

Workplace chit-chat

This was kind of an uncomfortable encounter. I suppose it's my fault for taking things too literally, but on the other hand, there's a time and a place for phatic communication, and that place isn't the bathroom, and that time isn't when I'm trying to do my business. I was probably trying to prove a point, I suppose. I bet it worked too -- this guy will probably think twice before talking to me again.

INT. An office bathroom. A CO-WORKER is leaving one of the stalls. PETER walks in and heads for a urinal.

CO-WORKER: What's going on, Peter?

PETER (urinating): Oh ... you know ... urinating.

CO-WORKER: ... I ... can see that.

PETER: You'd better not be able to see this.

CO-WORKER: ... (exeunt)

PETER: (rolls eyes back in head; clasps hands behind neck): Ahhhh.

Actually, I just saw something worse. Three O'Clock High is on TV and when Casey Siemaszko's character meets the bully, Buddy Revell, they're standing side-by-side at adjacent urinals. Not only does Siemaszko pick that moment to introduce himself, but he actually tries to shake hands with him. While urinating. They can try to paint Buddy Revell as a violent psychotic for wanting to beat Siemaszko up, but in fact, it's a perfectly reasonable response.


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