Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Who will save Ruddy Ruddy's soul? (Part 2)

The Book of John people have some competition, and these folks are prepared to give Ruddy Ruddy salvation out of more than one book of the Bible. "Thank you for your interest in the Bible Quizzes Website," begins their letter. (I've never been there before in my life.)

"We are pleased that you have taken advantage of the opportunity of receiving absolutely free, a Bible Reading Planner in the form of three laminated bookmarks, which are enclosed." (Three bookmarks? I only need one, my good man! I mean, how many Bibles can I read at a time?! Well, actually ... one for the home, one for the office, one for the car ... yeah, three is about right, actually.)

"Each bookmark dishes out a single portion of God's word daily for 365 days of the year." (Not quite -- you'll need the Bible, which isn't included. What does a man have to do to get a free Bible in the mail around here? Maybe the Gideons can help out.)

Yadda, yadda, yadda ... please pray while reading ... God Bless ... Sincerely, Bible Quizzes of Box 2181, Sidney, B.C., Canada, V8L 3S8. Hmm. The other guys were from Oregon, and these guys are from British Columbia (and a town that looks like it's misspelled, but turns out not to be). It's interesting that it's only Westerners who want to save Ruddy Ruddy's soul. Is Cascadia the Promised Land? God knows every one who's been out west sure acts like it is.


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