Saturday, August 14, 2004

I've got a broken face!

I think I've finally solved a problem that's been bugging me for a while.

My landlord lives just around the corner, and likes to spend a lot of time just puttering around in my yard. Sometimes he waters the grass, sometimes he checks on some tomato plants he's growing, sometimes he just sits there. It's annoying to have this old Greek guy just lurking outside all the time, just wandering back and forth in front of my window, but I've never made an enormous issue of it because he's not actually in the house, and one of his daughters lives here as one of the tenants, so it's awkward to bring up. Also, his other daughter is incredibly irritating, and I feel sorry for him for having to live with her and don't blame him for wanting somewhere to escape to. But it's still galling when he sits on a lawn chair immediately outside my window, smoking cigarettes, because the smoke wafts into my room. He might as well be sitting in my room, smoking.

But today, I was putting together some playlists for my MP3 player, which I had connected to my computer, which was, in turn, connected to my stereo. I clicked on a song, and this old man sitting outside my window suddenly got blasted with the Pixies' "Broken Face" at eardrum-bursting volume -- raw, Steve Albini-produced, shrieking lunacy cranked up to eleven. The song's only 1:29 long, but within 15 seconds, he'd shot up out of his chair and out of the yard like Manuel Noriega being driven out of the Vatican embassy.

Moral #1: An open window is open both ways.
Moral #2: Old Greek people hate the Pixies.


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