Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Psycho SIDS

I can't say I'm the religious guy I used to be, by which I mean I don't watch wrestling nearly as much anymore.

(Hmm. The first part of that sentence came out of me unconsciously, like automatic writing, and I then had to figure out how to finish it off, but I think it accurately, if weirdly, sums up what a huge fan I used to be before I lapsed.)

Anyway, I do still catch the occasional show. They've got this guy now, Snitsky. They've kind of stumbled backward into success with this guy after his involvement in a literally abortive pregnancy angle involving Kane and Lita, but he's emerged with the ultimate heel gimmick: He's a huge, unstable monster who hates babies. In fact, he kills babies.

Today, I was hoping that someone would ask what I was listening to, just so I could claim it was black metal band "Cradle of Filth" and see their reaction. Then I thought of how "Cot Death" would also be a good name for a black metal band. Then I remembered a few years ago, when the similarly huge, deranged wrestler Psycho Sid was still around, I made the connection to sudden infant death syndrome, and tossed off some reference to "Psycho SIDS" to make my housemate Jon laugh. (Considerably easier than putting vinegar in my eyes, which I also did once to make Jon laugh, after a Tom Green marathon.)

Then I realized that that's who this Snitsky guy is. He's a lunatic wrestler who kills babies. He's Psycho SIDS.

I am so incredibly ahead of my time.


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