Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Telemarketer vs. Shut-In!

"Hello, is Mr. or Mrs. Lynn there?"

"May I ask who's calling, please?"

"This is Jane from Horseshoe Valley Resorts. I sent you an offer for a fabulous two-day-one-night getaway vacation a few days ago, and I was just calling to follow up."

"Ah. I'm not interested."

"Well, can you tell me why?"

"I'm not really a travel person."

"You're not? Why is that?"

"I'm agoraphobic."

"You're agoraphobic?"


"Could you tell me what that means?"

"It means I can't go outside."

"You can't go outside at all?"

"Well, it causes me extreme psychological distress."

"Oh! Then I'm really sorry about this phone call!"

"That's okay. Thanks for thinking of me."


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